Hi and thank you for visiting my online portfolio!

My name is Caspar Helling, I’m 30 years old and currently live in Munich (Bavaria | Germany).

My passion is to create virtual worlds for videogames. Since I have been a small child, I love creating worlds and the storys around them.

I carried on with this passion and after my Abitur I started to study GameDesign at the Qantm-Institute in Munich.

Within the time at Qantm-Institute I found out, that creating and texturing 3d models for videogames is exactly what I want to do for living.

Beeing a reliable, fast and conscientious teamworker is what characterizes one of my strenghts.

In terms of videogames, I am aware of the technical limitations of the current generation of game engines and I am very familiar with the idea of modular modelling/texturing techniques to create game worlds in less time and with good performance.

Furthermore, during my whole education process, I specialized on realtime technologies, such as games.


Shipped titles:

- 2014  —  Men of War Assault Squad 2


Studies / Experience |

2016/Current – Teamlead Art at Digitalmindsoft (Working title – Call to Arms)

2015/2016 – 3D Artist at Digitalmindsoft (Working title – Call to Arms)

2014/2015 – 3D Junior Artist at Digitalmindsoft (Working title – Call to Arms & Men of War – Assault Squad 2)

2013/2014 – 3D-Intern at Digitalmindsoft (Working title – Call to Arms & Men of War – Assault Squad 2)

2011/2012 – Bachelor of Interactive Animation, SAE-Institute

2010/2011 – Diploma of Interactive Entertainment, Qantm-Institute (Grade: 1,66)

Skilled Work: “Materials and Shaders in Videogames” (Grade: 1,0)

2009 – Comic & Character Design Kurzkurzs at Qantm-Institute


Skills |

- High- and Lowpoly modelling and sculpting with ZBrush

- Creating UV’s and texturing

- Hard Surface Modelling

- Modular asset creation

- Creating individual props

- Setting up / lighting / compositing a scene in an engine

- Texturing and Baking


Software |

Autodeskt 3ds Max

Pixologic ZBrush

Adobe Photoshop






Unity 3D Engine

Cryengine 3


Tortoise SVN


Thank your for your time!